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 Windows ME
  The following steps should be taken to setup a dialup (modem/ISDN) connection under Windows Millennium (ME). This document does NOT cover the setup of a broadband connection - please refer to your ADSL modem/router manufacturers manual for broadband setup instructions.

Where reference is made to using your correct details, please login to MyAccount for your correct settings or contact us for further assistance.

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Step One
Click Start from the bottom right corner, move the cursor over Settings a new menu will appear. Click on Dial-up Networking

Step Two
Double-Click the Make New Connection icon.

Step Three
Type in the type a name for the computer you are dialling a memorable name for the internet connection. Example: Quik Internet

If there isn't a device listed by default under Select a Device, then use the drop down menu to select a device. If there isn't a device listed then please refer to your modem manufacturers installation instructions.

Click Next

Step Four
Enter the correct dial-up phone number into the Telephone Number box, ensuring that the area code is left blank.

Under Country or Region Code, select United Kingdom (44) from the drop down.

Click Next

Step Five
The connection wizard will now alert you, that the connection has been successfully created.

Click Next

Step Six
A new icon now appears in the Dial-Up Networking Window, entitled Quik Internet Double Click on this.

Step Seven
Enter your username and password into the provided boxes.

Click on Save Password, this saves your password so you don't have to repeatedly enter this when connecting to the internet.

Click Connect, Congratulations you've connected to the Internet!

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