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usage explained
It's easy to get confused with the many variations of home broadband services now available to you. If you look around at those other service providers, you'll find talk about contentions, usage restrictions, data allowances, capped usage and more which can baffle even the most savvy of people.
Quik Internet have adopted a simple to understand 'Quality of Service' guarantee that applies to all of our broadband packages. Our policy allows us to balance excellent service levels with competitive prices, making for the perfect service.
our quality of service guarantee
No Bandwidth Restrictions
Bandwidth is never restricted within our own network. We will always ensure that our available bandwidth is capable of supporting all of our customers without compromise and we will never over-subscibe our services.

No Blocked Ports
We will not actively block internet ports on our service. We will however take action against any user who we feel is abusing that policy.

Data Download Allowance
Each of our home broadband accounts carries a data allowance that we expect users to adhere to. We have a download allowance to ensure that no user suffers a degradation of service due to another users activity.

A Flexible Service
We understand that your requirements might change from time to time.
In fact, we expect them to. Our broadband for home packages can be changed at any time to suit your needs.
What can you do with a GB?
Our basic download allowance of 5GB per month should keep you busy for a long time, but if you get stuck for ideas, let Quik Internet offer you a little inspiration....
Receive 1,000,000 emails
We wouldn't recommend this but
if you really are that popular!
View 100,000 webpages
Never miss a thing on the internet!
Download 1000 music tracks
Thats 50 hours of audio entertainment!
Watch 8 hours of video
Stream video content from Youtube and the BBC iPlayer
Talk for 100 hours with VoIP
Talk to your friends without worrying about your phone bill!

Broadband for Home
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