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 About Quik Internet UK
Quik Internet is a worldwide franchise of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering Internet Services everywhere from Alaska to Australia. Founded in 1996, the 'local office' model of providing internet services to communities has proven to be very successful.

Quik Internet UK is one of those offices. Established in 1999, our Cheshire-based office started life by offering internet services such as website design, email and dialup to the local business community. This service proved popular and customers were quickly recommending us to other businesses who were further afield.

It wasn't long before Quik Internet UK turned national, offering its extensive portfolio to businesses throughout the entire country. At this point we were dealing with standard connectivity, email, domain registrations, hosting and design work but all that changed when we became known as an ISP that could support 128K ISDN connections.

It seems strange now in a country that has almost fully adopted broadband, but back then, ISPs that supported dual ISDN connections were thin on the ground. Before long, we were inundated with home users asking if Quik Internet would allow them to become customers and so, our services were extended again to include home users, as well as businesses.

A few years on and Quik Internet now supports one of the widest ranges of Internet Services in the UK. Unlike most providers, we offer a completely flexible service and have on several occassions, built bespoke solutions to meet customer needs.

Thanks to this flexibility, our range of customers is diverse, with many using Quik Internet for all of their internet needs.

For more information about Quik Internet UK and our range of products please look over the entire website, and if you have any questions, please contact us using the details to the right.

Telephone: 0203 030 4113
Email: info@quikinternet.co.uk
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