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BT Openzone Wireless broadband

Quik Internet are pleased to offer its customers access to over 7500 BT Openzone Wireless Broadband hotspots across the UK and Ireland.

Using wireless technology (Wi-Fi), you can access the internet from an increasing number of places such as cafes, hotels and airports.

With a wireless-enabled device such as a laptop or PDA you can connect to The Cloud and BT Openzone hotspots by purchasing pre-paid vouchers or through a subscription.
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BT Openzone Subscription
Buy 250 or 4000 minute Subscriptions or choose Pay Per Minute with Quik. Buy Now
BT Openzone 4,000 minute subscription The advantages to using BT Openzone when you're working on the move are obvious:

communicate quickly, easily and cost-effectively
email, instant message and surf the web
securely access your company network or intranet
manage your time and be more productive
keep in touch with your clients and your office
have meetings out of the office
unlimited minutes available but only first 4,000 minutes a month included in initial subscription price.
BT Openzone 250 minute subscription
250 inclusive monthly minutes; additional minutes at extra charge.
BT Openzone Pay Per Minute
unlimited minutes paid on a per minute basis.
BT Openzone Vouchers Provide your own Wireless Hotspot
Any minutes not used as part of your monthly allowance cannot be carried over into the following month.

BT Openzone Subscriptions are for use in BT Openzone and The Cloud hotspots throughout the UK and Ireland, and any British Airways airport lounge worldwide displaying the BT Openzone sign.

They cannot be used within the UK on the ReadytoSurf™ Wi-Fi network, nor abroad with BT Openzone's international roaming or Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) partners.
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